Into 2016

store christmas tree

Every new year prompts a round of thinkpieces on the previous year, with resolutions and hopes for the year to come. I don’t have the eloquence (or the time, really) to contribute anything significant to the discussion. 2015 had its high points and low points, on a global level and personal level, and for me, it was a difficult year overall. Terry Pratchett died. Another Tory government. Tony Abbott. Refugees here in Europe. Paris. In remembering good things, I think of friends reconnected and books read and places visited. And catching up to Back to the Future’s future, equal marriage in the UK and the US, Tony Abbott, and Sharknado 3. All-in-all, I’m glad I reached the end of 2015 with my health, my family around me and literally more socks than I could wear in two months (pro tip: don’t ask your family for fun socks for Christmas).

sock with reindeer pattern
One of aforementioned socks

One of the top three highlights was getting an MS accepted by a publisher. I’m super proud of that. 2016 opens with me frantically writing (as opposed to sedately writing) because I’m on a publishing schedule, which isn’t a place I ever thought I’d be. My hopes for 2016 are pretty simple: 1) to get the books written, edited and published, and 2) to be in a better place mentally, physically and spiritually by 2017.  It’ll happen because I’m ready to make it happen. As a colleague and I like to say to each other, JFDI. Any readers who have dreams for their 2016, I’m telling you the same thing.