What’s next

Today marks two months in which I haven’t written anything (except blog posts and tweets) so I thought I’d provide a small update.

SO. Four books published in a rather short space of time – an amazing journey for me, and hopefully enjoyable read for you, but the series completion begs the question: what’s next?

In nutshell – not much. I have ideas and plot bunnies dancing in my head, but I’m taking a break from writing to recover from creative burnout. But! I do have ideas! Lots of them! And ones I’m very excited about! They’re brewing and churning in my worn-out brain, waiting for release – so watch this space.

Instead of writing, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • reading
  • so much reading
  • reading that involves a lot of Sterek fanfic, which surprises me because I don’t even watch Teen Wolf
  • creating an honest-to-god, proper, professional author website which is so overdue holy shit
  • job-hunting, because my day job is sucking the soul out of me
  • organising life shit like weddings and other fun tripstumblr_off18zRmbJ1qmn9cxo1_500
  • cooking food that isn’t pizza
  • watching Sense8 and feeling disappointed that two seasons is all we’ll get (it’s okay, I’ll be fine, I’m a Firefly fan too)
  • tracking financial stuff in order to do tax stuff
  • sleeping eight hours each night
  • doing outside shit with friends

Damn, my life is so exciting /s

Not going to lie; it’s been pretty sweet to not be writing, but I do miss it. Now that the TC series is out the door, my next major goal is to get a new, non-soul-sucking job by the end of the year. If I can finish another novel by then too, so much the better! I can’t wait to share more stories with you.