Where the hell did August go?

This post finds me in between two weddings, one of which was excellent and wonderful and moving (the other is yet to happen, but I hope it’s the same).

  • I want to see Atomic Blonde, but like 99.9% of movies, I’ll probably fail to see it in the cinema and instead latch onto it when it arrives on Netflix.
  • You know what’s cued up on Netflix though? Sharknado 3 and 4, fuck yeah.
  • I’ve been watching a lot of Supernatural.
  • To my surprise, no writing has happened this month. It was fairly consistent last month, but dropped off sharply at the start of August. (Just as well I’m not writing anything for contract – though, if I was, I’d have written it.) But I *have* been getting a bunch of other life logistic things started, and I’ve outlined multiple books. One particular story is brewing in my head – details, plot points, characters, etc – which I’m counting as writerly preparation. This feels like a luxury after the rush of the TC books. I’m not worried.
  • Not keeping track of much on social media, but I’ve queued up posts on Facebook, and I check Twitter sporadically. (Contact is best done via Twitter – I’ll see it if you tweet or message me, even if I’m not actively tweeting much myself.)
  • I itemised the food I have and cleaned a few cupboards. Great thing to do! I have a few meals planned and am scratching my head over how to use up: green, black, blue and lilac food colouring, almond extract, lavender extract (a huge bottle of it – why why why), teal sugar sprinkles, red sugar sprinkles, edible silver glitter, edible silver glitter spray, a jar of strawberry preserves (two years out of date, unopened so probably fine), ~150g icing sugar, ~250g rye flour, two little packets of chia seeds, 1 box of coconut cream, 1 jar of coconut oil, multiple year-old teas, and multiple sauce mixes. So many options. Waste isn’t one of them.
  • Naturally all I want to make is hot wings.
  • I don’t want summer to end.

Songs on repeat this month:
Asia, Heat of the Moment (THIS VIDEO omg the staggered squares WHY)
James Blunt, Love Me Better (Yeah, I know, shut up and listen)
Haim, Want You Back (aw hell just listen to their latest album)
Tegan and Sara, Drove Me Wild