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  • I came back from the States with much sugary goodness and the best crisps ever.
  • Reading a lot – currently it’s Stephen Fry’s memoir, More Fool Me. Hilarious, touching, personable, and really well written.
  • Watching Supernatural S13, just finished ep 3 and omg omg omg omg
  • My romance TBR is at 25 books. I’m not going to buy any more until that’s gone and/or there’s a fantastic sale.
  • Writing again.
  • Job hunting also!
  • PSL tally: 3. Also relevant and consumed: pumpkin spice caramel-filled chocolate, pumpkin spice cookies, and pumpkin spice macarons at a farmer’s market. I did have a cronut filled with pumpkin ganache in NYC, but am unsure if that counts.
  • Clocks have turned back and darkness encroaches ;______;
  • Edit: adding a song I’m replaying over and over. I haven’t listened to this in over a decade! God, this brings stuff back. I Can’t Stop This Feeling I’ve Got, Razorlight.