omggg December how

Here we are in December. Again. Funny how time and years do that. I did a general impressions post last year, but I’m not feeling up to it this go-around.

  • My Nanowrimo playlist featured songs I haven’t listened to since I was in uni. These are going to badly date me but oh well. Here’s one that seems especially pertinent now.
  • Nanowrimo was fun, but the story got away from me towards the end. I need to sit with it and work out the kinks.
  • I barely, barely finished Nanowrimo. 50,020 words, no joke. I had to add 200 words in the final twenty minutes because Nanowrimo’s word counting software significantly differs from Word :/

    Guess which part was fun to write.
  • My (younger) colleagues have never heard of this theme tune. I’ve been in shock for weeks.
  • I’ve been reading more and more Teen Wolf fic. What is my life.
  • Heeeeey so Blank Spaces freaking won two awards. And was a finalist for the 2016 INDIES. That’s pretty sweet for a first novel.
  • I discovered the entire TC series has been pirated across multiple sites. I don’t like piracy for all the usual reasons authors dislike piracy, but I’m taking this opportunity to say: if you obtained any of my books illegally, at least leave a review. Amazon and/or Goodreads would be most appreciated.
  • Despite the above, I’m still writing. It’s been slow going, and there’s been multiple stuff in my personal life that’s required attention. My only writing goal for 2018 is to finish one MS to my satisfaction and shop it around. Aiming high, as always.
  • All I want for Christmas is for Years & Years to release more music.

Stay awesome, and hope your winter celebrations, whether they’re Christmas or otherwise, are wonderful.