February – the month of being homeless

Well, in an official permanent residence sort of way. Since the end of January, I’ve stayed at a friend’s place, two Airbnbs, and spent one night on a ferry. Next place is a sublet (technically illegal in Amsterdam, but very common, so is all unofficial and based on trusting strangers and honestly I really really hope I haven’t been scammed), but just for the month of March.

The bulk of my stuff is in storage and I’m living out of a weekend duffle bag and two backpacks. Seriously, I’m wearing the same three outfits over and over again, and one of those is PJs. Living this light is liberating – I have less mental energy devoted to tracking my stuff and deciding what to wear, which has freed up my mind to tackle other things.

To say I’m not used to this would be putting it lightly. I hated the uncertainty at first, but once I got some honest-to-god SLEEP and settled a few life things, I’m on board. This is kind of awesome. It’s the sheer action of it all – navigating new spaces and people, getting outside and doing things. I feel awake.

My mind and energy are fired up to pre-2016 levels. While I nearly always have plot ideas swimming around my head, the energy to consistently execute them has been lacking. Now it’s back, and it feels so, so good.

It helps that I have the savings to support all this (being a cheapskate frugal works!). It also helps that I’ll be settled in April. Not in Amsterdam – I’ll share why later – but I know I’ll be in a more permanent place then, which means I can enjoy this transience now.

  • permanent address what’s that
  • btw I’m living in Amsterdam atm
  • I was trying to find this fresh stroopwaffel place on the west side of Amsterdam and got lost in the red light district – twice – so that happened *cries*
  • stroopwaffel was boss though
  • still reading fanfic ;______;
  • but but but I have a commute so have also been tackling my TBR – Shatterproof by Xen Sanders and Strays by Garrett Leigh are both excellent and everyone should read them
  • here is a picture that indicates current weather conditions in North Holland

    next hit anime: ducks on ice