On Riptide and recent events

For those who have no idea what this post is about, I direct you to this summary.

I have spent the last week exploring the options open to me. It’s taken me some time, and I’m grateful to everyone who was willing to answer my questions and offer advice. It was heartwarming and really affirming to see the offers of help extended to Riptide authors.

I’ve just completed an international move, and will be doing another at the end of this month to one of the most expensive countries in the world. While I’m excited about this, there is a lot to organise, and to pay for. I have only limited amounts of time, money, energy, and focus, and they’re already allocated to the move. I cannot handle the move and the organisation that self-publishing or republishing would entail at the same time. It would be a disservice to myself and to anyone I’d be working with. Right now and over the next few months, the focus has to be on one or the other. Given one involves finding a permanent place to live, starting a new job, and clarifying my tax situation with three separate governments, you may imagine which takes priority. This means for now the TC series will remain on Riptide.

This will disappoint some people and I’m sorry for that. I’m not the only one whose hands are tied by personal circumstance, so I’d like to remind those in the back that authors aren’t responsible for or complicit in an organisation’s moral integrity. I absolutely do not endorse the behaviour and views exhibited by SL – I doubt any authors published with Riptide do. I have made it clear to Riptide that were it not for personal circumstances, and for their willingness to address the issues present in their company, I’d be one of those who left. This is my decision, and while I don’t feel great about it, it’s the best one for me right now.

I’d advise any uninvolved people upset by my response to put their attention back on who’s suffered and who continues to suffer in this situation. Look to efforts to uplift our industry, not divide it. You want suggestions of books to buy and writers to support? Awesome! Get Shatterproof when it’s available elsewhere – it’s a beautiful book, really just stunning writing – or buy one of Xen’s other works. Buy To Terminator with Love – seriously, it’s like an action movie in a book, it’s awesome. Visit WOC in Romance, find something new in your favourite category, and buy it. Supporting diversity in publishing doesn’t stop with authors and publishers, it involves readers too. It involves all of us at every level. “Covers with POC on them don’t sell” – prove that shit wrong.