May-hem. Sorta. In an admin way

How has this much time gone by!?


  • I have a place to live now. It feels strange having a permanent address. And the rest of my clothes. And stuff.
  • And it’s remarkable how much stuff said place requires. Goodbye UK, land of furnished rentals; hello Switzerland, land of oh-shit-I-need-furniture. And not just furniture, things like pots and pans and vacuum cleaners and lamps and extra dishtowels. A bed. A kitchen table. A freaking shoe rack. I now own a knife sharpener. Mind blown. Account emptied.
  • The day job has settled, or I’m starting to get a grip on it – or I’m more lost than I realise. *nervous laughter*
  • UK people, seriously, the NHS is a freaking gift. I’m paying several hundred francs per month just for the basic, mandatory health insurance that doesn’t include dental or eye care (the glasses in my author pic aren’t for show). Those things are optional extras *shakes head*
  • Slowly getting through the TBR. ~30 to under 20 over the last eight weeks. This is romance only – still have an entire bookshelf of other books to read ;_____;
  • I’ve started plotting a new thing, even though there are about four other books I should be working on. C’est la vie.
  • Music: there are many things I dislike about the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, but the music isn’t one of them; Years and Years released a follow up song!! 😀 😀 😀 ; friends introduced me to Ben Howard and niia on a recent trip; also revisited this classic on said trip; Ariana Grande gets me through tough days.