Need to read more f/f?

Then check out Jae’s year-long Lesbian Bingo! This is a challenge for fiction featuring wlw (so not just limited to lesbian characters despite the title). Deets are on her website, but the gist is:

  • you get a card with 25 squares
  • each month Jae releases two suggested reading lists to help you out with two squares
  • one wildcard square
  • you get suggestions for great books featuring women who love women (this is the best part imo)
  • there’s a chance to win free books!


Feel free to peruse Jae’s suggested reading lists for the first half of the year, and allow me to shamelessly plug direct you to two of my own books, Finding Your Feet and The Wrong Woman, Jae’s own works, as well as the following:

Requisite warning that some of the above are really really not romances, and some are, well, products of their time. I listed them in rough order from romance to other genres. Check them out and see what takes your fancy. (The links are all to US Amazon, so if you prefer other sources, just google.)

(Sidenote: creating this list has reminded me of how much I loved the Kushiel’s Dart series as a teen. I seriously need to reread those! There’s something pinging in the back of my mind about a Tamora Pierce character too, but it’s not coming to fruition.)

I especially love the list for this month’s square, which focuses on characters who aren’t straight, lesbian, or cis. You can also check out the Lambda award winners for lesbian fiction and lesbian romance, Golden Crown winners, and these on WOC in Romance. There’s a lot of wlw action out there – discover, read, and enjoy!