Juning in

Happy Pride!

  • Happy to say that my worries about tax situations with three governments are now reduced – 2 down, just 1 to go! Swiss taxes have a reputation for being fair and complicated. As of right now, I can confirm the latter.
  • At the time of writing this bullet point I really really really really really really really really really really want pizza. But the cheapest pizza here is like £5 – and I’m talking basic Dr Oetker frozen pepperoni here (£1.50 back in the UK) not even the fresh stuff *weeps*


  • Life is finally settling into a new normal. I still can’t quite believe this – new job, new flat, new country, new routine – is my normal, but I’m getting there.
  • On that note: I’ve started exercising again and oh dear god the pain


  • TBR is at 5 books now *squee* I would’ve knocked more books off it, but I reread Cari Z’s Panopolis series (plus some fanfic). Just so freaking enjoyable.
  • Legit in awe that my TBR is actually close to 0. IT’S BEEN YEARS.
  • Scribbling away merrily.
  • I had to buy Bacardi for the first time because the cheapest white rum available here is MALIBU and I’m not that desperate. I miss having options that weren’t Bacardi or Malibu. Oh god, I’m not sure if complaining about this means I’m spoilt or if I have taste.
  • Music: more Lyra; creating Powerpoint slides goes quickly when you’re listening to Panic! At The Disco; summer isn’t summer without WALK THE MOON and BOY; which isn’t to say that angst via Young the Giant hasn’t been revisited either.