Oh my, July

  • a wedding happened. we saw the dawn.
  • oh god, not my wedding, hell fuck no. some friends of mine. the aperol spritzes flowed.
  • it took me a week to recover from the sleep deprivation, no joke
  • Years and Years have released ANOTHER ALBUMtumblr_inline_n54jorFA7M1rfihya.gif
  • and they’re on tourtumblr_lrhsgyFICi1qgw1fbo1_400.gif
  • so guess who’s going to a concert early next year? THIS FAN OH YEAHliz.gif
  • summer in switzerland is awesome. seriously, the weather has been so so good. high 20s, sunshine, blue skies, minimal humidity. perfection.IMG_20180721_193021741
  • in honour of the weather and cheap watermelons, I made watermelon agua fresca then maybe added rum to it
  • i’m somehow still doing my job and not sucking (too much) at it. there may be a teensy amount of imposter’s syndrome happening here
  • tbr is still at 5 because i fell into the fanfic rabbit hole againtumblr_inline_oqv2inIpF11ufrafx_540
  • i can’t explain the lack of capitalisation in this post. it just feels so right.
  • i binged Queer Eye and cried at every episode
  • scribble scribble scribble