September? I barely know her!

I’m sorry, that’s a terrible post title.

It’s proving a long-ass month.

  • My fave song from the Palo Santo album now has a music video! *eternal squee* I have to say this video is really not what goes through my head when I listen to the song, but that’s pretty much par for the course with Years & Years. I know Olly has this whole story planned around the album, so, honestly, I’m down.
  • So much to do, so little done, I need to do more
if you don’t know what this is from, you missed out
  • I watched two things which reached enough social media critical mass to breach my self-imposed bubble: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Insatiable. They weren’t things I’d planned to watch, but I decided I would due to the social media furore – limited as it was for me – as I generally like making up my own mind on things like these.
  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: this was really sweet and heart-warming. Wholly enjoyable on multiple levels. I happened to watch it on a low day and it cheered me up immensely. Honestly, I can’t fault it – except for two minor (pedantic) details: the airport code for Edinburgh is EDI, not GLA (that’s Glasgow) (this was visible on the ticket Josh bought) (DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT), and in my experience Scottish people generally don’t say “that’s the crack/craic”, it’s more an Irish phrase. The movie overall made me happy – and so freaking grateful that social media bullshit wasn’t something I had to deal with as a teenager, holy shit. (I can barely handle it now as a supposed adult.) Highly recommended.
  • Insatiable: I watched it all in one go, and wow, this is incisive and clever and darkly, darkly funny. It hit a ton of sweet spots for me entertainment-wise, and I really enjoyed it. I heartily recommend it to anyone who 1) knows what black humour is, 2) won’t be negatively affected by the portrayal of disordered eating and discussion of body issues, and 3) has a brain capable of critical depths beyond lambasting an unseen 600 mins of TV based on a 2 minute trailer. (The trailer, by the way, is a travesty and doesn’t do it justice.) It’s not a perfect show, and not everyone will like it (I mean . . . it’s totally bonkers on so many levels, and wtf was that ending?), but there’s a lot I enjoyed – in particular Patty’s barely articulated, barely controlled seething rage at the unfairness of the world around her and the double standards being applied to her. Holy shit do I get that, and I really appreciated seeing it. This discussion on Slate summarises the nuances of the show really well, and the reactions of the two positive reviewers generally reflect mine.
  • Writing: leaps and bounds.
  • TBR: still at 0. I bought and read some stuff, but nothing has grabbed me since. Slightly worried about that, as romance is usually my happy reading place, but we’ll see if this is a continuing pattern.
  • Music: one of my fave ever tunes came on at the gym and I realised I’ve never link-spammed Kylie Minogue songs on this blog – which is a SHOCKING OVERSIGHT and I’m sorry; I also revisited some instrumentals; Beautiful Monster is another fave and can I just say what an amazing piece of spec fic the video is; from the TAtBILB soundtrack, a classic and its modern counterpart; I forgot this song existed and I’m really happy to listen to it again? Bizarrely nostalgic.