Life happened. Also: these month titles were a dumb idea.

  • October started off with a horrendous cold, like the one back in March. Much as I wanted to lie in bed being disgusting and feeling sorry for myself, that couldn’t happen because work and becaaaaaaaause
  • I moved flats! I loved my first place here – except for the incessant noise. I didn’t really sleep for most of August and September. Not so good. In a place on a quieter road now, which is lovely and much needed.
  • Arranging everything – the paperwork and appointments and viewings and moving all the extra stuff I’ve accumulated – in another language while snotty and low in energy was not lovely. At all.
  • Sleeping without earplugs, headaches, and interruptions is so worth the fuss, effort, and expense.
  • Also travelled loads this month – mostly for work, but a more pleasurable Halloween-related trip is happening at the end of the month, which will be great. Not gonna lie, travelling for work is its own level of exhaustion.
  • I feel obliged to remind people that Jae’s lesbian book bingo is still ongoing! And there’s definitely time to participate and read up a storm of women-loving-women wonder. This month’s theme is paranormal books!
  • Reading: not much new stuff. I can recommend this sf short story. Also Jezebel’s annual spooky story competition is always worth reading.
  • Music: HAIM re-emerged for moving and cleaning; the soundtrack from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before has some great tunes; and I completely forgot I once listened to Oh Wonder on repeat one summer.
    AND OKAY FINE, here, have something seasonal.
Happy Halloween