• 2018 is almost over! Wooo! HOW THO
  • time has struck again
  • every day is another closer to death
  • No Nanowrimo this year. Headspace isn’t up to it. I honestly wonder how the hell I had that kind of headspace before now. What did I do before moving to Switzerland? How did my life in the UK facilitate a full-time job and writing? WTF.
  • This is much belated news, but Blank Spaces was featured in Pride Life magazine (issue 24 summer 2018, page 88) in the company of many awesome queer YA books! Thanks to Pride Life for the shout out! Apologies for only acknowledging it now . . .
  • Since moving to this apartment, I’ve rapidly developed an interest in interior design. I’m telling myself wanting to live in a nice space is a sign of being an adult, and it’s okay that IKEA is officially my second home.
  • In related news, if anyone needs cardboard, I’m your gal.
    Take it.
    I’m serious.
    It’s a problem.
    There’s so much.
  • Writing: better. Chipping away at a thing. Very excited about the thing. Nothing about the thing is ready.
  • The early part of November saw me reading and listening to nothing, which is a bad sign. BAD SIGN. So I bought a bunch of cheap books at a sale in my city in the middle of the month. Now reading them. Notable items: Animal Farm, a whole bunch of Wodehouse, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, some classics from the Brontë sisters, feminist theory, and some Austen books I wanted to reread.
  • Bonus extra media: my friend got me hooked onto My Dad Wrote a Porno. Oh god, the cringe, the descriptions, the banter – it’s the funniest shit I’ve heard in a long time. Who knew the world of pots and pans was so demanding?!?
  • Music: Robyn. Lots of Robyn. Oh my god, she’s so good. Plus more Anna of the North.