2018 Reads

Here’s what I enjoyed.

  • The Arising series, Alex Beecroft
  • Dark Space and Darker Space, Lisa Henry
  • Close Quarter, Anna Zabo
  • Patchwork Paradise, Indra Vaughn. Cannot recommend enough.
  • Shatterproof, Xen Sanders
  • Spun!, JL Merrow
  • Peripheral People, Reese Herberth and Michelle Moore
  • Foxglove Copse, Alex Beecroft. Holy shit I loved this. I loved this so freaking much. Hit all my happy buttons regarding esoterica and seacliff adventures and Cornwall.
  • Storm Season, Pene Henson
  • Two Man Station, Lisa Henry
  • Perfect Day, Sally Malcolm
  • Seven of Spades series, Cordelia Knightsbridge.

Didn’t read as much this year due to general life changes/upheaval and the resultant funks. I’m not even going to check the book count, it’s pathetic compared to previous years.

But I did read everything in my romance TBR, and when it was down to 0, I allowed myself to buy more. Every time I bought something new, I read it straightaway, and didn’t build up another massive list. It was great to get back to the way I used to read – a few books at a time, purchased via a mix of idle browsing of trusted publisher sites, my list of go-to authors, and a trigger-happy finger for anything else that struck my fancy. I’m glad I started doing this again, as opposed to buying hyped books; it feels more true to my tastes.


  • A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness. This was actually a reread before I finally saw the movie. I have a beautiful illustrated first edition that I treasure. Every time I read this, I weep.
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck, Sarah Knight. I wouldn’t call it life-changing, as the principles aren’t exactly new, but it’s definitely a fun take and good to reaffirm some core principles. Fuckbucks are a particularly appealing term!
  • Factfulness, Hans Rosling. Highly recommended.
  • Animal Farm, George Orwell.
  • I Capture the Castle, Dodie Smith.