Into the new year fray

It’s January! In 2019! Another year in which things will happen whether you want them to or not!

  • I wrote a wee listicle guide thing for PHS.
  • One of the things mentioned in the thing was reading ten new to me authors (in romance). I’ve already started this! I picked up some Christmas novellas which turned out to be really good, so let’s bring in the backlists.
  • Lots of travel for work this month.
  • It’s been fucking cold in Switzerland. Whodathunk.tumblr_p9rw8fsTve1wrlqc9o6_r1_400.gif
  • A friend sent me an article on Grand Designs and now I miss UK TV.
  • ttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrreeeeeeddddddd
  • I had a sudden urge to reread one of my teenage self’s favourite series (the Sevenwaters trilogy) and when the books arrived in the post, I may or may not have squeed aloud.
  • Music: like I said last month, obsessing; the 90s called and they want their video back; and did these guys release any other song that people care about?