This month marks one year since I arrived in Switzerland!

I don’t have anything profound to say. People are people everywhere, and life is similar to the UK in the major aspects – work, relationships, friendships, socialising, family, etc. The little differences are what make it interesting, like the language and the customs and attitudes/perspectives around doing those major things. I will say holidays are a whole other shebang. It’s pretty cheap to fly or drive to other countries in Europe from here. France, Germany, Austria, and Italy are all super close by, and it’s very normal to hear my colleagues talking about spending a long weekend somewhere gorgeous.

Some fun things about life in Switzerland:

  • If the train departure time says 12.06, it leaves at 12.06.01. In Germany or France, if the departure time says 12.06, the train leaves at 12.06.59. Understanding the difference can save some stress. (In the UK, if the departure time says 12.06, you can expect the train to arrive at 12.10 and leave at ??? point after that.)
  • And yes – trains, buses, trams, they’re all punctual. It’s awesome.
  • Most flats don’t come with a washing machine. You have to use a communal one in your building or in the local area. If you get a flat with fixtures for a washing machine, you get to buy and install your own. Lucky! (I am not this lucky.)
  • The weather is so much better here.
  • Yes there are cows.
Didn’t even leave the city limits
  • Ads in the UK: food, holidays in Tenerife and Malta, beauty products, insurance, chocolate.
    Ads in CH: watches, holidays in the Seychelles and Fiji, wealth management firms, insurance, chocolate.
  • The food here is super good but super expensive ;___;
  • Houses here cost around the million franc mark and up. Mortgages aren’t handled or seen the same way they are in the UK. People don’t (generally) pay off their mortgages here. In effect, buying is a way to pay a lower “rent” on the property – a mortgage often involves so much money that people can’t and don’t bother paying it off, they just sell once they’re ready to move. I’m sure some buy with the intent of paying it all off, and do, but I doubt they’re living in or near major cities.

Things I did this month:

  • Wrote more! Also submitted a thing. We’ll see how it goes. Never let it be said I don’t (attempt to) fulfill my new year’s goals.
  • Went on a restrictive diet in the name of science (Whole30 for those who want to know). Not gonna lie, I have a list of foods I want to eat in May and I’m so so ready to release the reins – but also, my energy and body feel really good, and that’s quite nice for once.
  • Tried and continue to try handling my sleep patterns. There’s progress!
  • Discovered the Try Guys on YouTube. Had no idea who the hell they were. Now I do. Their content is ridiculously watchable.
  • Me, an Old: why the fuck are bumbags back in fashion.
  • Music: I realised I haven’t shared much of the admittedly limited non-English stuff in my library, so here we go: Song 1, Song 2, Song 3, Song 4, plus an extra Song 5 because I love that band.