Spring(summer?!?) finally showed the hell up! I don’t know if it’s the extra sunlight or the incoming holiday period or what but I’m in such a good mood.

  • Summer is coming and I for one have been ready since January.
  • Today in weird Swiss language mashups in advertising: ice cream Bueno bars, with a tag of JETZT ALS GLACE *laughs with disproportionate excess*
  • I finished a restrictive diet (it was the Whole30 programme) and I was really surprised firstly by how easy it was to do it, and secondly by how I reacted to reintroduced foods afterwards. It was a cool experiment, and while I’m back to eating mostly the way I used to, I’m definitely more thoughtful and strict about what I’m consuming. I’d recommend the programme to anyone who’s thinking about trying an elimination diet (and who has the time to coordinate nearly every single meal for a month D: it’s worth it, but goddamn, the evenings where I just had handfuls of pistachios because I couldn’t face cooking were . . . more than one).
  • New food staple: sweet potatoes. God they’re so good. SO GOOD.
  • I don’t know where my energy and motivation has come from (sunlight? summer? the fact my sleep appears to have evened out?!?!), but writing has just AMPED UP. Riding the wave for as long as it lasts.
  • Binged all of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. If you like cozy mysteries and women who don’t take shit and a slow-burn that matches 100k+ fanfics second for fucking second and 1920s Melbourne, this is your jam!phryne-fisher1
  • Music: Marina’s LOVE album dropped with timing I can only call providential. Then FEAR followed and, honestly, there are so many good songs on both, just listen.