Summertime is fabulous and I wish it didn’t have to end.

  • my laptop is playing silly buggers with me. the graphics card isn’t happy, it takes forever to start despite my audit of start-up applications, and I’ve had the blue (now green? is that just my colour scheme extending to everything!?) screen of death once :/ BACKING UP LIKE CRAZY
  • writing is in fits and starts
  • reading tons of stuff, none of it romance
  • lately got into stupid reality TV – very specific reality TV, in that it must be gently vacuous, three seasons maximum, preferably not American. (basically channel 7 from australia.)
  • without getting into details, I now have legal streaming of UK TV and the GBBO is BACK. naturally I missed the first episode due to a work trip but I WILL watch it this year, one way or another.
  • I watched Atomic Shark – on Swiss TV, in German, even though later googling revealed full English versions elsewhere online – and despite my German hardly being excellent, I was still able to follow it (small wins WOOO). Somehow a shark gets infected with radioactivity and swims around burning things to death, and so must be stopped! BUT its radioactivity means any violence done to it will set it off like a nuclear bomb! *grabs face* Oh No. This isn’t how atomic physics works, but since when has reality ever stopped shark movies? Naturally it’s up to a team of lifeguards to save the day. Naturally.
    The dismissal of basic science, gratuitous shots of half-naked people, whisper of plot, and bad CGI was everything I wanted. Much as I dislike dubbing, I suspect the German voice actors were much more convincing than the actual actors’ voices, which is saying something. It also featured: drones (auf Deutsch: Drohne, though I also heard Quadrocopter), a smart-talking child, sexist inappropriate nonsense involving said child (nothing illegal, just gross and stupid), reality TV, unnecessary action stunts, the shark setting a boat on fire, a fuckton of dead fish which then catch other things on fire, asymmetrical nipples, and a considerable apathy towards fallout.
    in short
    A M A Z I N G
    I swear to god, if I ever get a chance to die as an extra in one of these movies, I’m going to leap at the chance.
  • Music: guess the connection
    Song 1, Song 2
    Song 1, Song 2