Welcome, autumn and the slow cyclical decay into winter.

  • I’ve found myself reflecting a lot on how internet culture has changed since I started surfing back in my teens. Notable things: the explosion of social media, data tracking, the periodic unsubscribing I have to do when sites I have accounts on update their marketing preferences and sneakily subscribe me to newsletters, the constant fucking updating of browsers and terms and conditions, and algorithms driving search. And this is just in the playground of the indexable internet, which the majority of people use. I sometimes wonder what forces are at play in the dark web. Deep fakes in particular worry me a lot.
    There are parallels between this period of time and when printers became widespread across Europe. I think the very near future will involve more regulating of the internet and better legal responses to the problems and abuse the internet facilitates. I also think people will start curating their online experiences in very precise ways (rather than sharing everything) and return to/engage with offline life more mindfully.
  • In line with that, I’m slowly building a better idea of how I want this blog (or something like it) to evolve and how to maintain it regardless of energy levels, publication schedule, day job stuff, or life events.
  • Work has been crazy and kept me very busy.
  • I’ve been scribbling at things slowly though.
  • And look what I found!
  • The autumn has been lovely so far.
  • No Halloween celebrations for me this year D:
  • No Nanowrimo next month due to travelling.
  • This month’s theme: song 1, song 2, song 3, song 4, song 5