December – 2019 recap

There was lots of yelling, Brexit didn’t happen, my book goals . . . also didn’t happen.


I mean, I’m hopeful next year will be better on all those fronts.

I’d like to see Brexit totally shelved (yes I’m a remainer do not @ me) but given who’s in charge and that general election result, it’s not going to happen. (I mean, I know at least one person who voted Leave because of fucking Eurovision, but sure, WILL OF THE PEOPLE, OKAY.)

Lots of yelling: well, that’s the internet now, plus most US/UK/CA/AU politics. I largely ignored it or viewed from various degrees of separation – sometimes by accident. Recommended for sanity and reasonable mental health. I don’t know enough about other countries’ politics to comment, though I’d like to say hang in there Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

Regarding book goals:

  • I’d like to have one signed up, for sure. I did take steps towards that this year (and in the first half!!), but sometimes hearing back takes longer than you’d like.
  • I aimed for 10 new-to-me authors, but got 5. I tried 16.
  • Not explicitly expressed, but considered: social media strategies for an introvert part-time writer on a very very very very slow production schedule who doesn’t want to do the whole outrage-as-marketing schtick.

Work was crazy at times, but on reflection, I’ve grown in this role. I’m more confident and make decisions faster, I care less about others’ opinions, and I’ve developed solid opinions about 4-day work weeks, 5-6 hour work days, ideally at the same salary, and office politics. This is aimed at knowledge workers, obviously. Presenteeism is a fucking curse. Maybe this is what being in your thirties does to a person, who knows.

Cooking and food featured a lot in my life, more than I originally expected. I love food and always have, but this year marked a turning point in how I approach it. Not just the month of Whole30, but also really acknowledging how and why I eat certain things and the effects those have in my body. I’m now back to eating more sugary crap, but I genuinely feel worse for it and want to stop. At Christmas yeaaaah probably not likely to happen. Despite all my jokes about drunkeness, I don’t actually drink that much and am considering going sober for a full year. I now make my own mayonnaise, and meal prep every Sunday, and go on periodic eat-down-the-cupboard plans. I learned about how my hormone cycle affects my body’s digestion of food. There are new recipes I make regularly now. Seriously awesome. (Some recipes are weirdly-titled though. “double-crunch shrimp”? what)

Visited Japan for the second time; just wonderful.


More family stuff happened. Not a death. Not yet. I didn’t realise grief could sit so close in a person.

All-in-all, a year. Highs and lows.


I hope your 2019 has been positive and I wish you a healthy and happy 2020.