We’re into the 20s!

  • I didn’t keep track of my reading during 2019. No excuses, just didn’t do it. There will be no 2019 reading list.
  • Finally watched Call Me By Your Name. Twice in a row. Then I watched it again and I’m going to watch it again tomorrow. I struggle to express the effect this movie had on me. It delighted and saddened and fed me. The colours, the music, the writing, the acting; just incredible. Who knew a dancing scene could convey so much? Visions of Gideon has been on repeat for weeks. Superb movie; highly recommended.
  • There was a weekend with people in the mountains. Shenanigans happened, the kind I only thought happened in movies. There was skiing and jenga and a cock cake. Somehow I’m now in an erotica-writing competition with my friend. I left behind my spatula and I’m mad about it. Ugh. I hope none of those people actually read queer romance and stumble across this blog because all these details are SUPER IDENTIFYING.
  • On balance, the start of the year has been promising. Christmas and the lead up to it wasn’t great, but this month has been pretty good. I’m taking lots of things one day at a time; turns out this is really helpful.
  • Writing goals for 2020:
    • Get a book on a release schedule somewhere oh good god
    • Write the latest plot bunny that’s burning a hole in my brain and has several poster pages of notes cluttering my living room floor
    • Continue taking one day at a time
  • I watched the finale of The Good Place before writing this blog post and WOW. I’m not okay, yet I very much am? Such a wonderful ending to an amazing show. Really going to miss it.
  • I also watched the last few episodes of season 6 of Brooklyn 99 tonight (look, it’s Friday and Auntie Cass is tired. Also, it’s Switzerland, we get the American stuff like a year later. I’m very much looking forward to last year’s Drag Race in the late spring). I still love the show, but there’s a strange fever pitch about the episodes now. The gags always were quickfire but lately they’re almost manic. Just me? I’ll always welcome a Holt-Wunch repartee though.
  • Music: Call Me By Your Name OST. And some Avi Kaplan, but mostly CMBYN.