It’s somehow been another month.

Remarkably (<— sarcastic) I have few updates to share.

  • Restrictions are basically gone in Switzerland, but most summer events have been cancelled, which sucks because summer events here are amazing.
  • Weather is excellent.
  • This sweet potato video is such a delight, as is the rest of the Brainpickings website.
  • I really want to travel. God, I just want to be somewhere else.
  • As a Eurovision fan, I endorse The Eurovision Song Contest: the story of Fire Saga. Apart from Will Ferrell doing his usual manchild-growing-up schtick, it’s a lot of fun. The cameos are excellent, the songs are perfect, and the humour is just brilliant at times. Very enjoyable, even with the odd Americanism.
  • Reading: I’ve been traversing fanfiction and childhood books recently rescued from my parent’s house. No romance. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read any of it in months now. I’ve been wondering why, and I suspect the answer lies in getting some distance between me and the online expression of the industry – purely feelings-driven, as there’s no logic for me to actually do that. I want to write and publish in romance, and perhaps, counterintuitively, stepping back from it for a while is what I need to continue doing that.
  • Music: stumbled across this Years and Years cover of Dreams, which, my god. Chills. CHILLS. Haim have released the last half of their latest album. Los Angeles is becoming my summer jam.