I love summer so much. Ahhh the heat and balmy evenings with some prosecco and no shoes.

  • Rewatched the Back to the Future trilogy. It’s aged surprisingly well, and I keep finding new details to laugh at. They’re exceedingly well-crafted movies. The writing is just *chef’s kiss* comedy. This gem from III, while not the best of examples, had me rolling:
    “You got a back door to this place?”
    “Yeah, it’s in the back.”
  • I submitted a thing. Again. Argh. Every time I submit something, I have a gut-churning feeling for days and realise at least five things I could’ve changed to make the story better – but this has been in editing for five months, and the changes are ultimately minor. I mean, jesus, it’s time.
  • There’s been an uptick in visits to my FB page and to this blog. Not sure why. Probably should figure it out. Perhaps I should be more positive, but given the environment online these days, I’m gonna be quietly suspicious instead XD not that I’ll change anything about what I’m doing online until a new book is coming out whenever the hell that’ll be
  • Working from home remains the order of the day. Still loving it. There’s more time to reflect (in less kind moods: ruminate, navel-gaze) and I think I’ll be coming out of it with a new perspective on food, body image, exercise in particular. I want to be better at listening to my body and being guided by it.
    In general, I feel more appreciative of my family and ability to travel – especially as I haven’t seen them or done it since the start of the year.
  • I have a new appreciation for my flat and my street. It’s noisy as hell – there’s a construction site around the corner, endless traffic (in particular motorbikes, all times of day and night), a wood workshop, crappy floorboards so I hear every step my upstairs neighbours make, and across the street a small bar and a baby who cries regularly. All of these things drive me up the wall. Legit, I have these ear muffs to drown it all out. But I’m close to the river, shops, public transport, and gym; my neighbours are nice; I have a sweet balcony (which is currently underutilised with just two chairs and an aloe vera plant); and a large kitchen and living room. The floor is uncushioned wood, but the pattern is beautiful. I have a bathtub, which means languid bubble baths. My bed is comfy. I can stretch out, I can dance around, I can cook in peace, I can put all the pictures I want on the walls. Life is so good. My space is so nice and it’s all mine. One day I’ll leave it for somewhere quieter, absolutely, but for now it’s wonderful.
  • I miss my friends. The sisters from other misters, those friends. I hope we’ll be able to hang out in person before the end of the year. Not seeing them in over a year feels wrong.
  • Reading: fanfic. Again. I flit between Destiel and Steter/Sterek, for those interested.
  • Music: Taylor Swift released a new album and oh my word, I’m not okay. exile and epiphany make me cry every time I listen. She’s globally famous, no doubt, but I think she’s not huge over here (or I’m not in the target demographic who would know) and I’ve never really listened to her previous stuff in any dedicated way. I think folklore is going to change that.