The heat comes and goes, much like sanity on the internet.

  • First things first: I SIGNED A CONTRACT. wlw, sf, signed with Riptide. Yes, there will be a new book out next year sometime, no I’m not saying anything further until I get more details. I don’t have a release date yet, just an edits deadline – which I’m working towards! Huzzah! I’m super excited about this and will splash details about once I have them.
  • Second things: I spent too much a lot of time on reality TV this month.
  • Too Hot to Handle, the Netflix reality show about attractive people in a resort who aren’t allowed to sex each other up, and my god do I have Opinions.
    1: wtf
    2: is it really that difficult to restrain yourselves? REALLY? REALLY? Some of the contestants made it seem like it was actually impossible. (Judging by the people who didn’t do anything and weren’t particularly vocal about it, I’m guessing it wasn’t that difficult for everyone.)
    3: Putting prices on sexual acts felt really gross, ngl.
    4: Haley. Oh god, Haley, girl, I FEEL YOU. The show took pains to make her seem really dumb and negative, but given the shenanigans while she was there? I was 100000% with her. During the first episode, the very first one, there was one interview segment where she said something, then looked so unhappy. Like, really, just so so done. And I thought instantly, “She doesn’t want to be there, and I hope they let her leave.” Which they did eventually, but with a shitty tap on the wrist about not following the process. That one kiss was worth it. Honestly, good for her.
    5: the contestants . . . I mean yikes. Look, there were some right arseholes. No joke. Two of them ended up together, then broke up, but hey more power to them for dominating the show with their drama. Sharron and Rhonda were really sweet, as were David, Bryce, Chloe, Kelz, and Lydia. I’m surprised at how much my opinion of some of them changed over the course of the show.
    6: I will never, ever find addressing the surveillance system as a person not creepy.
    All in all a fabulous binge and waste of time. 7/10 would watch again.
  • Selling Sunset. LA house porn at its finest.
    1: astonished by how quickly I got used to the prices shown on this show.
    2: Christine was definitely playing up the villain character by S3.
    3: Davina though :/ wtf
    4: The amount of space in these houses is obscene. JFC.
    5: The fashion was crazy amazing.
    6: Something tells me that recruitment into the Oppenheimer Group involves a certain standard of attractiveness.
    7: petty. so fucking petty. the drama is so stupid.
    6/10 watch for the houses and clothes.
  • The 1989 version of The Woman in Black was digitally remastered then released to the world. Horror is not my thing at all, but I saw the play and loved it, so figured I’d give the TV movie a shot. It was excellent, highly enjoyable on lots of levels. Compared to modern horror movies, I guess some (most?) would find it tame, but there’s a good creep element and the tension throughout the movie is beautifully intense. And that final scene! Wow! Chills. However, I slept maybe four hours after watching it because I couldn’t stop thinking of the creepy bits. This is why I don’t watch horror in general.
  • No, I’m not watching the 2012 version. Are you kidding? I wouldn’t sleep for a month, fuck no.
  • Reading: so much fanfic. One of them was 500k D: I should be ashamed but . . . nah.
  • Music: I hardly listened to anything this month. Probably folklore a bunch of times, but nothing else.