Another month disappeared into the ether.

  • Writing: edits are in! *cue internal freakout at how bad they are*
  • Got something of a hint as to one potential source of recent views/likes/attention. Cheers Tiktok and Popsugar 😘
  • Season 12 of Rupaul’s Drag Race dropped on Netflix here. I was pleasantly surprised by this season; it was much, much less commercialised and overhyped than last year. It felt way more in keeping with the original spirit of the show – like, s12 would fit in well with the s4-7 era. Much appreciated. I rooted for all of the queens at certain points in the show, as well as enjoyed the stupid drama whenever it came up. And the final three were all incredible, I genuinely struggled to choose one overall winner. No idea how RuPaul did it.
  • Watched After Life as well. Bawled.
  • The Great British Bake-Off is back! I live tweet each episode, it’s the only consistent thing I do on Twitter. And after finding myself in subtweet land one week, I remembered why that’s the only consistent thing I do on Twitter.
  • I also watched this montage of Oliver Chris in One Man Two Guv’nors an embarrassing amount of times. “This gentleman’s called Alan.” “Oh, bad luck.” XD Such an amazing actor. James Corden’s reactions are perfection.
  • Um is this a hint of new music? NEW MUSIC!?!
    oh god how do i fangirl with dignity
    i don’t think it’s possible
  • Music: revisited HAIM and all three of their albums