WOOOO Halloween

Only, Halloween isn’t really a thing here. I did see some pumpkin-shaped cream cakes in the supermarket. The real big deal is Christmas, so I took advantage of the early Christmas stuff and glutted myself on Dominosteine. Some regrets, none serious. God, so good.

  • Dev edits seemed to go down well. Endlessly surprised at how lovely people are about the dribblings from my brain. More came back, so still working on dev edits. Exciting stuff.
  • Also exciting – I figured out how to insert ‘read more’ splits in this new editor. Not that my lovely readers will be aware, but WordPress upgraded to a new post editor and it’s taking some practice.
    idk it took me a while and figuring stuff out is what brings me joy these days, yes I realise I’m old
  • Watched all of Schitt’s Creek. This is a fantastic show, I heartily recommend it. Catherine O’Hara alone is a joy to watch, but the whole cast were perfection. Eugene and Dav Levy, Annie Murphy, and the supporting actors, all just *chef’s kiss* they work so well together. I wish I could unwatch it just so I could watch it all again for the first time.
  • Coronavirus: Switzerland seems to be getting on a number of countries’ no-no lists, and it’s all because of Canton Vaud and Geneva. Not mad, just disappointed. Remarkably, this time the federal government seems to think heavy restrictions aren’t necessary. Just masks and more testing, and if you’ve travelled to certain places, quarantine at home for ten days. I guess we’ll see how/if that works.
  • Watched Practical Magic for the first time in years. It . . . makes no sense!? I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but I’m guessing certain parts make more sense in the book. There’s no obvious connection between getting Jimmy’s spirit out of Gillian and breaking the Owens curse, why would a special investigator save the sisters with such a blatant and shitty lie, why do the townswomen change in a heartbeat to help the Owens sisters out, and what is Gillian’s power?!?
  • This TED talk on attention and creativity really rang true for me! Social media is double-edged sword for creators. We need to spread awareness of our stuff and get people to engage with us, but also resist the pull of attention for attention’s sake because that sends creativity down the drain. Personally I dislike putting myself out there at all, let alone as a product or a brand, as I’d rather people engage with my books than with me. I’m not the interesting part of the writing equation. But I do see the need to have something out there. We live in an internet world, and if people can’t find you and what you’re doing online, then you’re not going to sell much. I don’t have answers. Is there such a thing as “marketing for the apathetic and lazy author”? Sign me up if so.
  • I’ve spent a good year watching The Untamed. I hope I finish it before Netflix removes it (50 episodes!! 50! And they’re like an hour each!!! *deep sigh*). I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I started, but despite the, uh, interesting special effects and the hundreds of cultural references I’ve definitely missed, I’m enjoying it. I like the humour, the family ties, the central mystery, the cultivation world, and of course the gorgeous costumes. Some of the hairstyles and robes are incredible! I initially thought the characters were kind of cliched, but as the series goes on and each character gets time and development, that first impression faded. It takes a few episodes to get used to it, but I recommend it if you have time to spare and can read past the censorship to the underlying central relationship.
  • Music: listening to some of Taylor Swift’s past albums. Nothing’s grabbed me the way folklore did, but it’s early days.