December + roundup

What a year.

Firstly, here’s what happened this month:

  • Finished The Untamed. Pretty sure I’m still missing like half the context and 90% of the cultural references, but I really, really enjoyed it. I got the episode length wrong in a previous post – 45 mins per episode, not 60 – but at 50 episodes, who’s counting, right? (Me, I am, that’s 2,250 mins i.e. 37.5 hours. That’s one working week, roughly, out of my life!) The series started in the last third of the overall story, which meant there were a ton of things that went over my head, then events jumped back in time to the beginning proper. That helped, but as we were in the past for a while (*cough* like most of the series *cough*), it made it hard to jump back to the starting point once caught up. Viewers are totally thrown in the deep end, especially if you aren’t familiar with the novel. That being said, once you get used to the story-telling, you do pick things up and get onboard; it’s eventually fine. Like any good, long, detailed story, the ending was bittersweet in that I was so glad the characters had their (hinted) happy ending, but I was sad my time with them was over.
  • Edits! Editing editing editing. I’ve been stewing over these particular edits and progress is slow. It’s been difficult to focus on them this month, which isn’t great, but I’m telling myself progress is progress. I’m making more changes than originally anticipated and hopefully the end result is better for it.
  • Spent Christmas with friends this year, for the first time ever. Really joyous.
  • Playing as much Among Us as I can organise! I love this game. It’s been such a fun way to connect with friends remotely.
  • Watched Klaus, Netflix’s latest Christmas offering. It’s kind of amazing. I really recommend it.

2020 will be one of those historical years, for reasons I probably don’t need to go into. Here are my highlights:

  • Working from home full-time. It taught me a few things about life and people and myself.
  • Getting a contract for this latest book! Super excited something new is coming out soon.
  • Spending time with friends. I managed several trips with people despite restrictions and I’m really glad I did. Those moments really stand out as they were few and difficult to organise.
  • Meeting my friends’ young daughter for the first time.
  • Playing Among Us.
  • Discovering new YouTube channels.
  • Completing the longest piece of writing I’ve ever done. Fanfic, barely edited, several plot gaps, hardly perfect, but I’m proud of it.
  • Music: Taylor Swift’s folklore album and Haim’s Women in Music Part III album.
  • This Thai salad.

Bring on 2021!