2021 resolutions + January

This year will be better. Right?

2021 Resolutions

  • Writing: have the current book (E) published. Write another one. I have the idea ready, I just want to wrap up E first.
  • Reading: try to get back into romance consistently. Read more of the to-read shelf.
  • Exercise: I moved significantly less in 2020 and have had a reckoning with my relationship to exercise and food. Judging from conversations with friends, that’s fairly widespread. This year I want to focus on being functional with my fitness and checking in with my body. I will start with stretching more and progressing to full push-ups.
  • Food: eat more fruit instead of processed sweets.
  • Mental: don’t get sucked into a YouTube spiral. Sleep more consistently. Cool it on Reddit (I lurk, it’s so bad, THERE’S SO MUCH CONTENT, argggh).


  • Is there anyone in the world who actually likes office work? The pontificating, the gossiping, the inane back-and-forths, the “you asked me for advice and when I gave it to you, you then asked me to respond to the people who contacted you for the query” emails, the big staff meetings that somehow say nothing, the egos, the petty dramas, arrrghh. Christ. There are three infinities in office work: the emails, the egos, and my loathing of it.
  • In unrelated news, I rewatched Office Space because Netflix released it here. I freaking love that movie.
  • Watched Soul on Disney+. Fun movie, much recommended. Really liked its depiction of the Great Beyond and Before, and the artistic zone/flow. The new souls were super cute and the life lessons are spot on.
  • Olly Alexander (frontman/singer in Years & Years) stars in It’s a Sin, which released this month! I have yet to see it, keeping it for a quiet weekend. Years & Years released a cover of the Pet Shop Boys track, It’s a Sin, which of course I’ve listened to more times than I should admit to.
  • Edits: ongoing. I’m wrangling with several big plot elements and they’re wrangling back.
  • Registered for the vaccine in my canton. That means I’ll get it some point this year, maybe XD I’m in the least vulnerable group, after kids, so lowest priority.
  • Watched the GME David vs Goliath thing on the edge of my seat. The memes coming out of WSB are hysterical. A promising start to 2021.