Winter arrived.

  • Snow! It snowed AND STUCK.
  • Then it melted again and we forgot it happened.
  • I read a whoooole bunch of fanfic (Regency a/b/o anyone? Just me with dubious tastes? COOL).
  • Finished the big bad wolf series by Charlie Adhara – massively recommend this! Werewolves, angst, relationship building, action, mystery, chemistry; what more could you want? Such a treat to read.
  • Also read the Shadowfell trilogy by Juliet Marillier. I loved her books as a teenager, and I’m now reading through the backlist she generated as I grew up. Another treat.
  • Edits are ongoing. STILL. I’ve hit a wall, one which seems to last a good ten days before I get over it, then it loops around and gets in my way again – and I don’t need help procrastinating, you know? I’m getting to the it’s good enough stage, which isn’t where I like to be, but at some point, the work just needs to be finished. There’s still time for better, I think. I’m so frustrated at myself.
  • This month has been a strange one mentally. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before here, but usually there’s a bit of a cycle, like the path is clear then gets slowly soggier over 2-3 weeks until I’m slogging through mire at near standstill for a day or two – then it all clears and I’m on solid ground again, and I can see and move ahead easily until the ground gets soggy again. That my usual mental clarity/fog changeover. But this month has been less cyclical, and more just constant drizzly drudge through sticky mud. In a way, that’s almost worse. All I want right now is to switch my head off and sleep for a week.
    Sleep I can do, and have been doing, but the overall mugginess has been terrible for productivity. Reflecting on it now, I do remember a few particularly bright days where I went outside and sunned myself like a cat for an hour, and that helped a bit with energy levels (not clarity though). I’ll try to make it more of a habit.
  • Season 7 of Brooklyn-99 dropped on Netflix here. Usually I binge it, but this season wasn’t great for that. I think I mentioned last year that I find the show very frenetic now, and that’s amped up yet again. There’s some plot in there, but the pace of the jokes is crazy. The characters are almost caricatures of themselves, and there’s no space to let the jokes and the plot and the characters just breathe. It’s zany, sitcommy, and almost manic. It’s still funny, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t have the thoughtfulness of its earlier seasons. I find I have to focus a lot to catch everything, which isn’t necessarily what I want from a binge-watch.
  • Listened to evermore by Taylor Swift (kind of in love with willow), and Sufjan Stevens’ latest album, plus discovered this absolute banger.