Spring is among us!

  • Writing: I’m taking the downtime from E to work on older unfinished stuff. Feels good.
  • Reading: still plodding through The Practice. Tons of fanfic have also come and gone.
  • Not much else happened this month. Just work.
  • Music: soo Years & Years announced that Mikey and Emre have formally separated from the band (but Mikey will still play keyboard/guitar?) and it’s an Olly project from now on. That’s sad news. I expect a different sound from now on, but we’ll see how it goes. New Y&Y music is due out this spring, which is great news. The first single, Starstruck, is cute and catchy but I’m not super in love with it.
    I also revisited the music of my increasingly distant youth with the Goo Goo Dollsbest hits.