Justin Timberlake was at the height of his frosted ramen coiffure phase in that “It’s gonna be me.may” gif/meme, yet I saw one guy reacting to the NSYNC video who said, for real, “Apparently Justin Timberlake is in this.” General NSYNC knowledge is dated now? I felt old. I feel old.

Also Finding Your Feet is 50% off on Riptide’s site right now!

  • Writing: more edits for E. We’re not working to strict timelines, but we’re progressing. It’s cool. Still bumbling my way through older pieces when not editing.
  • Reading: mostly fanfic, other self-helpy stuff. I should really make some kind of dent on my physical to-read shelf.
  • Eurovision was extraordinary this year. The new way of announcing the votes really makes for drama, damn. Switzerland thought he had it in the bag, then Italy did a murder via public vote to win. Much as I love to snark on the UK’s entry every year, this year’s entry didn’t deserve the 0 points at all, that was super harsh. Next year’s final will be held somewhere in Italy and I am so down for attending if I can! By the way, the Italy frontman is ridiculously charismatic.
  • In vaguely-related news, I think flares/bell-bottoms are back! As long as low-waist isn’t.
  • I went hiking in the mountains for a long weekend. Very refreshing, thoroughly recommended. Could barely move the week after because it’s the most amount of exercise I’ve done in like 1.5 years. Worth it.
  • Lately I’ve been really good about prioritising sleep and watching caffeine levels and being mindful about body and food stuff in general. It might be that or the sudden jump in sunshine levels – HELLO SUMMER – but I feel pretty awesome right now.
  • Music: I don’t know what’s happened, but Starstruck has really been pushed in terms of marketing. Olly has been doing performances everywhere and collaborations/remixes have been crazy. Kylie Minogue! Whaaaat?! I don’t think it’s even the strongest track Years & Years have ever done! I guess this is riding the It’s a Sin success, and hey more power to him. This radio segment was nuts.
    I’ve also been bopping my head to Marina’s latest and this ear worm by Bella Poarch.