Summer has hit hard.

  • Loving the heat. LOVING IT.
  • I can now share the full title of the next release: Entanglement! wlw, sf, kind of like Casablanca in space with quantum data storage. Sort of. I had fun writing this one.
  • My company has threatened us with an office reopening. I would genuinely enjoy seeing my colleagues in person again for a few days but I don’t think I could do full weeks in the office ever again. Lord no. I want to work from home for the majority of the week if possible. Switzerland allows a maximum of two days a week WFH normally, plus this is a phase-in period for mitigating spread. I’m hopeful I can continue lounging around in shorts, a t-shirt and bare feet for the rest of the summer. I haven’t touched my work clothes since late winter 2020 which is crazy to me.
  • Watched: Bo Burnham’s Inside. Hilarious, insightful, relatable.
    Started BoJack Horseman, just finished s3, and shit, they don’t hold back!
    Too Hot to Handle season 2 dropped and my GOD some of the people on this show are total pricks. The hypocrisy on display by one person in particular is breathtaking :/ and this season’s Harry is so unlikeable that I’m in awe. Plus I don’t see how he’s good-looking. Like, genuinely, I don’t get it. Can’t wait for the second part of the season to drop XD
  • Read: very little. Hm.
  • Writing: EDITS. I started off the month picking at the older stuff. It’s a goal to finish one piece by the end of the year; I’m still on track for that. But then edits came in and I’m now working through those for Entanglement.
  • Music: Comeback has been on repeat, plus Daði Freyr (of Eurovision fame): Think About Things, Hvað með það, and his cover of Arcade are great. Marina has released an album which has been a treat lyrically and a throwback to FROOT and Electra Heart musically. Lady Gaga has re-released her Born This Way album but had six artists cover six of the tracks: I loved Kylie Minogue’s Marry The Night and Years & Years’ Edge of Glory (obviously). Then somehow the comfort zone of 70s rock and blissful guitar solos swung back into force.