Summer is welcome back anytime.

  • I don’t know what happened, but May weather is happening in July and I’m not happy. I want constant sunshine and HEAT, dammit. If we can’t travel to summer places, let the summer travel here!
  • Writing: edits remain ongoing. Lines take a while. And I tell you what, nothing like line-by-line edits to make you confront the reality of your sucky writing ;__;
  • Watch: finished up Too Hot to Handle s2, and my GOD. Look, I know it’s reality TV, so it’s edited to death and scripted, but even so this was trash. S1’s cast was generally likeable at points, which redeemed it, but this season there were several people on this show who were and are assholes. It was obvious despite editing and supposed growth and it’s become very obvious on social media after the show. I want my trash to be enjoyable and this was awful. Ugh.
  • Read: fanfiction. Again. It’s just so easy. The bookshelf in my living room full of unread books is also easy but none of those are fanfiction. I need guidance. I need blinkers. I need a blocker on my phone. I need an adult. Arghhh.
  • In a moment of either unbridled insanity or genius, I bought The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. I started playing it and only stopped because I was massively, MASSIVELY sleep-deprived (plus, y’know, edits). The interruption to my productivity! The disruption to my routine! The hijacking of my concentration! The Youtube hole I now inhabit! OMG IT’S SO GOOD. It’s all I want to do.
    For a game that’s almost 10 years old, it really holds up. The graphics are gorgeous and the story so far is great. My melee build has defaulted to a sneak archer (quelle surprise) but once she’s above level 30, I’m hopeful she’ll be able to take a few hits and level up the melee and heavy armour skills. I haven’t exploited any glitches yet, but it’s in the plan. The first time a guard told me about taking an arrow to the knee, I grinned so much. Plus I own a house (in the game)! I feel so accomplished (in the game)!
  • Music: the Skyrim soundtrack. Loving Wind Guide You in particular.