• Summer is back!! Just in time for autumn.
  • Writing: lines for Entanglement are complete, we’re now into copy. Blurb is in. Cover is incoming. Progress!
  • I’ve let my hair grow out during the pandemic, and it’s the longest it’s ever been – it’s brushing my shoulderblades when dry. My hair is 2b waves (bordering on 2c when it’s been a good wash) so when it’s wet, it’s longer. Such a weird feeling, having this much hair to tie back or to literally pull it out of my armpits. It feels like a blanket on my back. I like how it looks, but the amount that drops is insane -_- there’s hair EVERYWHERE. I’m constantly cleaning it up. I shed like a freaking dog.
  • The big news of the month is that, despite vaccination, mask wearing, and distancing to the best of my ability, I got COVID-19. With symptoms. Likely the Delta variant. When informing me that I had to isolate in my flat for ten days, the nice man from the canton’s public health authority told me I was very, very unlucky (no shit, bro!). The symptoms were, for me, a rough headcold, so relatively mild compared to full COVID-19. I was in bed for five days, which wasn’t pleasant at all. Fine now though! All recovered. Antibodies are fierce.
  • Watching: BoJack Horseman, ATLA again, Taskmaster.
  • Reading: fanfiction, some nonfiction.
  • Music: discovered a synthwave band called The Midnight, whose music is hitting all my happy music points.