• This month started off rough – a series of minor frustrations that eventually cumulated in me ranting to a friend about it all and wondering what the hell was going on. Apparently similar things were going on with my siblings, colleagues and friends – we all had a string of crap weeks. My friend told me Mercury was in retrograde AND there was a new moon a few days before our conversation. I tend to think zodiac stuff like this is fun nonsense, but at that point, I was ready for any explanation other than the universe deciding to shit on everyone. Thankfully things feel more stable now. Still not a believer, but it’s tempting after this month.
  • Entanglement: still waiting on copy edits. But! Cover art drafts came through! They’re beautiful, I’m so impressed and delighted. Can’t wait to see the final product and to share with the world.
  • Writing: plugged away at two WIPs. I’m getting a little bored of one, which is a shame, because I was excited about the concept when I initially started it. I haven’t been amazingly inspired by anything since I finished the fanfic last year (a whole year ago, good god) and I miss the creative flow. I’m frustrated at myself and how my creative energy comes in dribbles. It’s on me to make the time and do the darn thing, but that feels so hard to do most days.
  • Watching: made it to season 6 of BoJack Horseman. Not finished yet, but it’s been a real journey. I’m so impressed with the show. Started rewatching Gravity Falls and did the usual Halloween movie stuff. Added Ready or Not to the Halloween lineup – it’s not an explicitly Halloween movie, but it’s my brand of comedy-horror and it’s a lot of fun.
  • I tried floating for the first time! As in flotation in a saltwater cocoon. Amazing experience, loved it. Pretty expensive and – let’s be honest – flat out bougie, but I’m actually considering a subscription. It’s so relaxing.
  • Music: Years & Years did a collab with Kylie!! ARGH that’s incredible. She’s such a superstar. Olly’s star is clearly ascending. Plus a new track. Otherwise was grooving out to the usual 70s-80s rock stuff, with dips into the 90s. Does anyone else remember Ultra? No?