December plus roundup

Guess what’s coming out in May 2022??
  • Entanglement: look what’s up on Riptide’s site! Copy edits are done! I can finally share the cover! You see what I mean about the cover looking super cool. It’s coming out 2 May 2022 and I’m super excited about it.
  • Writing: still picking away at the old stuff.
  • Watching: season 4 of Selling Sunset. It’s junk but I love it. A friend has been bugging me to watch Below Deck, so I finally did that – awesome reality TV. So scripted and staged, but my god it’s compelling.
  • Music: I had Crystal on repeat for an embarrassing number of days. Same with Sweet Talker, which has grown on me.
  • 2021 retrospective: the pandemic continued and if I’m honest, I’m very tired of the restrictions being imposed on my life in its name. To be clear: I’m still following them, I still wear masks and minimise contact with the public and sanitise my hands, I test when required, etc, but I’m over it.

    Regarding my resolutions for the year: I did okay, not amazing. Instead of writing a new book, I picked away at older stuff. I didn’t get back into reading romance, though I did read more of my physical to-read shelf. Exercise was actually pretty decent and consistent until the last two months when it fell to bits. I’ll get back on the horse there. Food: I do eat in a more balanced and mindful way, a bit more fruit than sweets; this is probably a success though it doesn’t feel like a major one. Mental stuff: ehhhhhhhh. No major changes from the start to the end of the year. Annoying.
  • Here’s hoping 2022 gets better for all of us!