Landing 2 May!
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  • Writing: picking away at the fanfic and older stuff. I have quite a few ideas brewing in my brain and I wish I was in a position to drop everything so I could write them all out.
  • Reading: my new habit of reading a physical book before bed is paying back dividends already. I’ve finished eight new books and finally finished one I started three years ago. I can’t believe I let my reading habit drop when it’s this easy to keep up.
  • Watching: latest season of Archer, which was . . . typical? I like the ending they gave Mallory. I’m sure Barbara Walters would approve. I also watched a few movies, including Encanto, which was charming. Loved the heroine.
  • Ukraine: like most people who skim the news each day, I was vaguely aware of tension from Russia, but the invasion took me completely by surprise. It was an unpleasant shock. I don’t know anyone there, but friends here do and they’re so worried. On a general level I’m just upset. All those innocent people having to flee and fight, and because of what? This war is senseless. I thought Europe had seen the end of fights like this.
  • Music: I’ve been listening to Night Call over and over. It’s finally growing on me; I love Sooner or Later in particular. I also revisited this absolute classic and this romantic tune (I’d forgotten the fun video which doesn’t match the tone at all X’D).