Exploding onto the scene in 2 days woooo
  • In all honesty, this month has just been plodding through life and watching spring settle in my city. Lovely, but my goodness things have been slow. The most exciting thing was buying tickets to a Years and Years gig later this year. They’re doing a Europe tour!
  • Writing: continually picking at things. The life of a writer is so frenzied and glamorous.
  • Reading: I reread a Juliet Marillier novel (Heir to Sevenwaters), Circe by Madeline Miller (HIGHLY recommend, really wonderful fantasy), and am in the middle of The Body Keeps the Score. Plus fanfic as usual.
  • Watching: Frasier. It’s superbly funny, very 90s, just delightful. Selling Sunset also dropped the latest season and I’m trying not to be too obsessed but it’s difficult!
  • Music: faves on repeat. Loving Florence + the Machine’s latest singles.