You can find Entanglement at Amazon and other retailers now!



Blank Spaces is now available in audiobook!
Let Nathaniel Gray transport you to Toronto and bring Jonah and Vaughn to life!

  • Entanglement is now released to the world! Heck yeah!
  • Blank Spaces is now available in audiobook!
  • Plus The Wrong Woman is free on Riptide’s website if you use code GIVEAWAY22 at check-out.
  • Eurovision was this month and it was amazing as usual!
  • THIS WAS A MONTH OF MONTHS OKAY. Jeez, you only have to look at this blog to see months and months and years and freaking years of me dicking around and finally a ton of writer stuff happens in one month. Nuts.
  • I (ALSO) spent this month catching up with family overseas – long overdue and much needed. However, the time difference and different routine threw off all of my established habits. I suspect I need more robust routines or better boundaries or something. However, it’s been a wonderful five weeks and I’m so sad to go.
  • Writing: not much. See above about routines. But the creativity well is fuller than it was.
  • Reading: finished The Body Keeps the Score, currently on Emma by Austen.
  • Watching: Eurovision and local TV. It’s always interesting to see how much local programming differs from country to country.
  • Music: Florence + the Machine delivers again and again. I’m swooning, my ears are blessed, my delight is unparalleled.