Summer is fading out.

  • And I’m sad about it. *sad sigh*
  • Writing: still going on the new thing, but not as frenetic this time. Work has been awful at moments and it really sucks joy away from other things. I’ve gone through the “Why do I do this job?” – “Money and this is as good as anything else” – “Fuck it, I’m running away to Taiwan” – “But most of my friends and family are in Europe” cycle multiple times. I’m trying to let myself go with this particular story and find the fun in it again, but it’s more work than I want it to be.
  • Reading: I finally finished Emma by Jane Austen. A friend gave me this, which I’m working through with great enjoyment.
  • Watching: the final season of Brooklyn 99 FINALLY dropped in Switzerland and I finished that with no small amount of tears. End of an era! I’ve watched a ton of let’s-plays on Youtube. Just started Crash Landing on You, and it’s wild to see Switzerland in certain scenes 😀
  • Music: Nothing new. In fact, I should really catch up with music stuff because listening to it helps with low mood. I did hear that Taylor Swift is releasing something soon, which is exciting!