Spooooky how quickly 2022 is winding in

  • Writing: slowly getting through this new thing. I’m going to do it for Nanowrimo this year – and it’s been five years since I last did Nanowrimo! Talk about a blast to the past.
  • Reading: The End of the Affair by Graham Greene. The Terry Goodkind book just isn’t keeping my interest. The next thing on my to-do list is . . . the entire damn shelf *sigh*
  • Watching: Still working through Crash Landing on You. Loving all the sequences in Switzerland. It’s cool to see it used as a location; it’s a little surreal knowing certain places and seeing them on film. (As a side note, having lived in London, car chase scenes through central London are totally ruined for me. Why? 1. Nonsensical routes, and 2. A car chase could NEVER HAPPEN there, way too much traffic.) Also binged the final season of Derry Girls and may have cried a lot during the last episode. Such a brilliant show. So, so good. Some friends also recommended Is It Cake? to me and it’s AWESOME.

    Also was one of the many thousands who watched Hocus Pocus 2 and it was a super fun watch. They did SJP’s eyebrows dirty but I otherwise loved seeing the golden trio back on screen. I don’t think the witches needed a sympathetic backstory – they’re evil and suck the life force of children! The characters and first movie were perfectly compelling without it so while the backstory was fun, it wasn’t strictly necessary (the plot reasons for the blood of the enemy ingredient aside). It didn’t wreck the movie though, not at all.
  • Music: Taylor Swift released a new album! I’m still getting to know it.
  • And of course
Happy Halloween!