January + resolutions

Another new year! Woo?

  • A new year, no new me. I’m still working through the shite that dogged me through November and December. It takes a surprising amount of time to deal with mental health things properly. Really sucks. That being said, I’ve already planned a few fun things for myself this year. It’s good to look at the positives in life.
  • Writing: going. Sort of. I’m sticking to a practice of at least one sentence a day of either fiction or journalling, and so far this is holding true. Still plunking away at the fanfic and stewing over the fantasy.
  • Watching: STILL going through Crash Landing on You. I watched the latest season of Too Hot to Handle and thankfully there were fewer outright dickheads this season. A friend convinced me to watch The Office (US) and it’s really fun. A very different vibe to the UK version though. I appreciate the US version of cringe more than the UK, the UK Office usually had a moment in each episode where I wanted to peel my skin off to escape the awkwardness. The US version can be laughed away easily.
  • Reading: a bunch of stuff. I can recommend What Should I Do With My Life? by Po Bronson and Juniper and Thorn by Ava Reid (a note that it gets very dark but is brilliantly written).
  • Music: I’m a little late to it, but I’ve had Anti-hero by Taylor Swift on repeat.

Happy 2023 and Year of the Rabbit!

  • Writing: I want to finish the fanfic and the fantasy. I also want to plot out a new book. I want to write consistently, i.e., at least a sentence a day.
  • Reading: I had a personal goal of reading a book a month last year and totally nailed it. Continuing a good thing seems sensible.
  • Keep it simple, stupid is an underrated resolution guideline 😉