• Life things are things. My god I’m sick of myself. My mind runs the same mental track over and over again and I’m tired of it. Work, energy, day job, health, food, people, purpose, books, blah blah blah. I’m stuck, again. Love this for me, again (<– sarcasm , this is sarcasm). Truly, I thought I would have figured things out by now. When does being a functional, active, boundless adult start? Why am I getting in my own way? GDI.
    I recognise none of this makes sense, but if I try to sum up February, that’s basically the mental state for it. In meatspace, I went to Copenhagen for a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed walking around the city. Lovely architecture and vast history. The pastries and smørrebrød were out of this world, and the coffee has the typical Scandinavian strength needed to survive short winter days. Though I was quite lucky and had beautiful weather. 10/10 recommend Copenhagen.
  • Writing: some. Not much. See above.
  • Reading: I read Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman and Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. Both were journeys in very different ways. I enjoyed Burkeman’s column in the Guardian while it was active, and found his book reassuring and affirming. Anything that gives me point blank permission to not do everything is a treasure, honestly. Today’s work culture is bullshit. Wide Sargasso Sea: I love love love Jane Eyre and have been meaning to read this for literal years. It’s a tightly condensed book, full of strong imagery and language. I enjoyed it, sort of. It’s very much of its time, and if you can handle the racial politics and language therein, I recommend it. Antoinette Mason deserved better than Brontë gave her and I liked Rhys’ take on her life story.
  • Watching: same as before, plus added The Last of Us to the list. It’s been slow going this month.
  • Music: honestly? None. Needs to be rectified.