ENTANGLEMENT is now a Foreword INDIES Finalist for Romance 😀

  • I’m delighted. It’s been a wild few months so E making finalist is really lovely to see and means a lot.
  • In other news, spring is on the way here and it’s very welcome. Loving all the sunlight and bursts of blossom and new green shoots. There are flowers everywhere. Hayfever has also reared its bleary snotty head. Ahhhh spring.
  • Writing: Very, very little. There was some minor scribbling at one point. Bah.
  • Reading: Also very little. I’m not sure how 2-3difficult months has turned over a solid year of habit but somehow here we are.
  • Watching: Still going through Crash Landing on You and The Office (US).
  • Music: This month I found myself meandering through the best of The Eagles. I listened to them a lot as a kid, and for some reason, Take It Easy has been making the rounds on the radio in shops around me. Everyone rightly loves Desperado but Take It to the Limit is a solid fave of mine too. Lady Gaga’s Hair also made the rounds this month.