How are we 1/3 of the way through 2023?

  • Writing: delighted to say that a new fanfic has taken over my brain, so I’m writing prodigiously at something new, rather than the *checks writing folder* five other projects I’ve started and stopped. At some point, my completionist tendencies will kick back in and I’ll get at least the original fantasy thing done. For now this new fic is a fun one, I’m really enjoying it.
  • Life stuff is better now that the sun and warm weather has come back. This always happens to me and I’m always surprised by it gaaaaah. Spring arrives, the days grow longer, my mood improves dramatically and I remember that winter likes to mess with me. Friends have recommended one of those sunlight lamps for the next winter and I may just have to buy one to stave off the SAD. My god.
    Also, I picked up STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order at a steep discount and have been playing it. It’s the first Souls-like game I’ve played, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I tend to button mash, and unlearning that so that I can properly fight the different kinds of enemies is an exercise in patience. Using save points and trading off health vs enemy respawning was also new to me, but am well over it now – in the sense that I’m used to it, and also deeply annoyed when I die and have to navigate enemies and areas again to hit the guy who took me down. But! Nailing combos and parries, winning fights, and solving puzzles, the satisfaction is off the charts.
  • Reading: picked up an Agatha Christie to try and break the not-reading habit.
  • Watching: Finally, finally finished Crash Landing on You. Not to spoiler it, but my goodness Seung-jun deserved better! WTF!?! Since when does that happen to one of the secondary couples!??! Over the moon that Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok got their happy ending, no doubt, but shocked by the ending for the second couple.
    Still plowing through The Office. I also started Killing Eve and like it so far.
  • Music: I discovered two Middle English songs, Mirie it is while sumer ilast and Sumer is icumen in, both of which are about the change of seasons. Mirie is lamenting the arrival of winter, and Sumer is celebrating the arrival of spring/summer. I love Mirie in particular; the melody is lovely, and apparently only a fragment of the song was found and recorded for posterity. The 3 minute versions you see on YouTube are educated recreations using the same fragment over and over. Sumer in contrast is more complete and much more jolly.